Join the Biswift Airdrop to Claim Free $BSF Daily

Biswift, like CoinSavi, has launched its crypto exchange and is offering its native token, $BSF, to early adopters of their platform. 

This means you can claim free $BSF everyday when you sign up with Biswift Exchange. This is your chance to collect Biswift tokens for free before the airdrop distribution begins.

In this post, I’ll show you how to join the Biswift Exchange airdrop and earn $BSF daily.

Claim free $BSF every day when you sign up with Biswift Exchange 💰💰

How to Join the BSF Airdrop

Follow this step-by-step guide to claim $BSF daily while it’s free. Watch the video above for more directions.

Step 1: Open this link in your browser.

Step 2: Copy the Biswift Exchange referral code on the page.

Step 3: Install the Biswift Exchange app. Click Install Biswift Android if you’re using an Android device or Install Biswift iOS if you’re using an iPhone.

Step 4: Create your Biswift account on the app using the referral code you copied in Step 2. If you missed it, use this as your referral code: 2ISN72R1ELB8

Step 5: Log in with the Biswift app, click Claim $BSF, and click Collect Biswift to claim 0.2 BSF. Repeat every 24 hours to claim more BSF.

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The more consistent you are in claiming $BSF, the more $BSF you can claim. Claim for eight days in a row to skyrocket your earnings.

Biswift Airdrop Review: Is Biswift Airdrop Legit?

Biswift airdrop is legit, and you don’t need to spend money to join.

The token airdrop drives adoption for the newly launched Biswift Exchange. You know, there are many centralized exchanges (CEXs) existing. So, Biswift needs to entice users to their platform with juicy $BSF rewards.

Claim free $SAVI daily on the CoinSavi app

All you need to do is sign up, claim the Biswift tokens daily on the app, and wait for the token launch. So, you have nothing to lose. You can exchange your airdrop tokens for USDT after launch or hodl for bigger rewards in the future.

Ensure you follow the official Biswift Exchange channels on social media and participate in their online community to get more updates.

Check out the Over Protocol airdrop. You get rewards for answering daily crypto quizzes.

Stay Updated on the Biswift Exchange Airdrop

Follow Biswift Exchange on social media and join their online community to get the latest news and info about the airdrop campaign.

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