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Trust in a decentralized blockchain is about ()

  • validating the transactions and blocks for tamper proofing
  • verifying gas and resources

What is the Yield Farming and which is correct in the following statements?

  • Users can get more cryptocurrency rewards by staking their cryptocurrencies to provide the yield to the cryptocurrency market
  • The yield farming means that several miners take farming in turn and share the farming revenue equally
  • The yield farming means that several miners take cooperative farming and share the farming revenue equally
  • There is no difference between yield farming and mining

Bitcoin started in 2003 as the first decentralized cryptocurrency.

  • TRUE

When you are browsing an NFT group, you always see “Fren”, what does “Fren” mean?

  • Friend
  • Frenzy

In November 2021, the total market value of cryptocurrencies in the world exceeded the $3 trillion in the first time, which was the gross national product of which of the following countries in 2020?

  • India ($2.6 Trillion)
  • Philippines ($360 Billion)

What algorithm does the Bitcoin blockchain use?

  • SHA256
  • PLA196
  • CB2187
  • THX1138

“Wen” is a misspelling of “when”, which is mostly ridicule for example, “Wen moon” can be understood as “when will the price of the assets increase”.

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What is the #1 Cryptocurrency

  • ETH
  • BTC
  • XRP

What type of hash function is used, when there is variable number of items to be hashed, such as the many state changes in a block?

  • Complex hash
  • Simple Hash
  • Tree-structured Hash

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Which of the following statements regarding the “Block reward” are true?

  • It increases over time
  • Its quantity decreases over time. Eventually it will be 0

Which is incorrect in the following statements about stablecoins?

  • 1 stablecoin is equivalent to 1 USD
  • The stablecoin has the advantages of both legal currency and cryptocurrency
  • The birth of stablecoin is conducive to facilitating the cryptocurrency payments and transactions
  • The stablecoin is just a concept, and used only by few people currently

There are many contemporary issues that Bitcoin solved EXCEPT:

  • Decentralized financial system independent of government and banks
  • Does not allow freezing, reverting or cancelling transactions
  • Subject to the inflationary effect

The Metaverse will forever replace our basic need for face-to-face interaction and connection, even in a business setting

  • TRUE

In October 2020, PayPal launched the cryptocurrency payment services, users could buy, hold and sell the cryptocurrencies through their PayPal accounts, and shop at approximately 26 million merchants in the world. It means:

  • PayPal was aggressively moving into the crypto industry
  • The crypto industry was rejected by PayPal

Where is the LEAST SAFE place to keep your cryptocurrency?

  • In your pocket
  • On a hot wallet
  • On an exchange
  • At your work desk

In regard to Bitcoin, what is “mining”?

  • The act of buying BTC for personal use
  • The act of adding new blocks to the blockchain
  • Searching for BTC

This person invented Bitcoin.

  • Shamoshi Takadomo
  • Maz Kanata
  • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Motorola Huawei

Which hash function is used in bitcoin?

  • keccak256
  • md5
  • sha3

To which year of “development of the internet” is crypto adoption in 2022 comparable?

  • 1990.0
  • 1998.0

There are more than 2,000 vending machines on the streets of Australia and New Zealand on which the drinks can be bought with cryptocurrencies. The news is:

  • True
  • False

Which is incorrect in the following statements about the relationship between ICO and IEO?

  • The essence of the both is that the blockchain projects issue the tokens to users to raise funds
  • The difference between the both is that ICO is that the project team raises funds directly from users, but IEO is that the project team raises funds from users through cryptocurrency exchanges
  • For users, IEO are more trustworthy than ICO because of the trust endorsement of large cryptocurrency exchanges
  • There is no difference between the both

What does NFT mean?

  • Non Fungible Bonds
  • Photos worth a lot of money
  • Non Fungible Tokens

What is the name of the general ledger that tracks all bitcoin transactions?

  • The Block Chain
  • Ledger Link
  • The Gox Chain
  • Satoshi Square

The average ratio of increase of top 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest increase in the world in 2021 was:

  • 35326.9%
  • 353.2%

Crypto-Currency is also known as?

  • Peer to Peer electronic cash system
  • Bitcoin
  • Satoshi Nakamoto currency
  • None of them

What is the Ethereum Blockchain Cryptocurrency?

  • $ETF
  • $ETH
  • $ETC
  • $ETE

What do users need first to obtain NFT?

  • Have a cryptocurrency wallet
  • have an electronic wallet
  • have a debit card
  • have a credit card

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Who is the man behind the concept of crypto-currency?

  • John Cardano
  • Key Binance
  • Michael Polkadot
  • Satoshi Nakamoto

France is the world leader in cryptocurrency regulation. In France, all companies offering the cryptocurrency services must be registered with the AMF. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

2021 is known as the “The First Year of The Metaverse”. In this year, many international giants announced their entry into the field of the Metaverse, including:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • All of the above

Is it correct that the cryptocurrencies have legalized in Germany?

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What was the amount of BTC stolen with the MT.Gox hack?

  • 650 000 BTC
  • 850 000 BTC
  • 700 000 BTC
  • 900 000 BTC

Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency due to its first-mover advantage.

  • TRUE

What does an NFT look like?

  • Same as Ethereum
  • Anything Digital art like, music, painting, etc

It is hoped that the cryptocurrencies can reduce the consumption of metals required to make coins, as well as the cost of trust required to make transactions. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What are some of the advantages of implementing enterprise blockchain?

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Expand business-to-business and business-to-consumer networks
  • Enable new products
  • All of the above

What could be wrong with cryptocurrencies?

  • A centralized system
  • Slow transactions
  • Lack of governance

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What are cryptocurrencies?

  • Physical Coins
  • Video Game Virtual Currencies
  • Digital currencies created with Blockchain
  • Bills and Checks

For major cryptocurrency exchanges, the correct statement is:

  • All fees and functions are basically the same
  • The fees and functions are different

Which is not an advantage of a DAO in the followings?

  • It is built on the blockchain and the data is open and transparent
  • Make the rules with smart contracts to make decisions more rational
  • Decentralization; the decision-making is voted by all members of the organization, not by an individual
  • In case of serious disagreement, the organization may break apart

What best describes a blockchain?

  • A distributed ledger on a peer to peer network
  • An Exchange
  • A Centralized Database

Who coined the term Metaverse

  • Neal Stephenson
  • Mark Twain
  • J.D. Salinger

True or false? Proof of work is an agreed upon method by which the creation of a new block is achieved in the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • TRUE

Which one of the followings is not a form of virtual currency?

  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • Nakamoto

Which is incorrect in the following statements about the cryptocurrency exchanges?

  • The fees and functions are basically the same in all cryptocurrency exchanges
  • The fees and functions are different among cryptocurrency exchanges

Is cryptocurrency legal?

  • Illegal
  • Legal
  • Legal depends on its usage in a country

The blockchain technology can be applied in the public services. For example, the data such as donated funds and capital flow can be stored on the blockchain. Since the data stored on the blockchain is open and transparent, it is helpful for public supervision. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

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Does Solidity allow multiple inheritance?

  • TRUE

Since the blockchain technology is used for the data of the cryptocurrency exchanges and the data security is very high, so there is no need to set a password. Is this statement correct?

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What factors affect the price of virtual lands in the Metaverse?

  • Practicality: The more versatile the land uses are, the higher the price is, such as in a popular area
  • Platform: The bigger the game platform is, the higher the land price is, because more people may buy it
  • Investment: The more the investors are, the higher the price of land is
  • All of the above

How to use the in-game assets to obtain greater benefits in GameFi?

  • Stake the assets to earn the interest
  • Lend the assets to others to earn the interest
  • Sell the assets to others for the profit
  • All of the above

What are Mining pools?

  • A pool of blockchains
  • The place where miners search for BTC
  • When miners group together to share resources

Which is not a project of the blockchain technology in the following?

  • Ethereum
  • Google

What are the functions of digital/crypto wallets?

  • Sending and receiving payments
  • Withdraw bitcoin as cash

Bitcoin was launched in

  • 2018.0
  • 2011.0
  • 2009.0

What are some of the key ideas behind Augur?

  • Membership services, Consortium BlockChain
  • Trading platform, reputation system, crowd reporting process.
  • Ethereum mining, Eng to End market place prediction, Robust Algorithm.

Which of the following is not a Stablecoin?

  • USDC
  • SHIB
  • TUSD
  • DAI

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Miners execute the transactions for Ether transfers but are not responsible for the execution of smart contracts. True or False?

  • TRUE

What year was Storepay Coin created?

  • 2014.0
  • 2010.0
  • 2019.0
  • 2017.0

Which is the cryptocurrency in the following?

  • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • Bitcoin

Is the fee required for transactions on Centralized Exchange(CEX)?

  • Yes
  • no

What are the environment options in Remix IDE?

  • Web3 Provider
  • Web3 Consumer

What is a crypto-currency?

  • A form of virtual currency.
  • A form of fiat currency.
  • A form of legal tender.
  • None of them

What is the difference between NFT and FT?

  • There is no difference between NFT and FT
  • NFT is anonymous, but FT is not anonymous
  • NFT is immutable, but FT is modifiable
  • Every NFT is unique, but FT is not unique

The private chain has a very low degree of openness, in which only a few people can write and modify the data, most of them are owned by private institutions, and at present, many large companies are developing their own private chains. The statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What does superimpose mean?

  • to layer
  • to become
  • to interrupt

The data stored on the blockchain cannot be modified or forged. What does this show about the characteristics of blockchain?

  • Security
  • Openness

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These are some of the components of the fabric model.

  • Peers
  • Identity
  • All of the above

Which is incorrect in the following statements about Initial Game Offerings (IGO)?

  • It is a way for blockchain game projects to raise funds
  • The blockchain game team raises funds from users; in return, the users can get project tokens and NFT assets in the game, such as characters, skins, equipment, et
  • IGO may bring rich rewards to users, and potential loss risks, which should be carefully considered
  • It is a blockchain game scam

The decentralized insurance combines the blockchain technologies with insurance services. Based on the application of smart contracts, the claims can be automatically settled with the insurance policy and the policyholder’s application and the insurance company’s approval are not require The statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What is the FIRST thing you should prepare to join the metaverse?

  • digital literacy
  • VR/AR goggles
  • antivirus, for data security

What is a blockchain?

  • A way to link to other cryptocurrency users
  • An unchangeable public record of all transactions
  • A type of electronic wallet

As of 2021, how many crypto assets have been approved by Bappebti to be legally traded in Indonesia?

  • 229.0
  • 29.0

Which brand made news in 2021 by purchasing the NFT sneaker brand RTFKT?

  • Nike
  • Adidas

What is a Hot Wallet?

  • This refers to a virtual currency wallet that is accessible online, and it facilitates cryptocurrency transactions between the owner and end-users
  • This is a peer-to-peer marketplaces where cryptocurrency traders make transactions directly without handing over management of their funds to an intermediary or custodian.
  • This is a physical device that keeps your crypto assets (e.g., cryptocurrency, NFTs) completely offline
  • This is where you store your secret pass phrase

Which of the following descriptions about non-custodial wallets is correct?

  • The user keeps the private key by himself, and needs to keep the private key and mnemonic
  • The platform keeps the private key on behalf of the user

In addition to uniqueness and indivisibility, what other features does NFT have?

  • Traceability: The NFT is recorded on the blockchain, and its authenticity can be verified
  • Scarcity: The scarcity of NFTs is one of the biggest attractions for players
  • Liquidity: NFT can be traded in the NFT market
  • All of the above

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The real assets can also be recorded on the blockchain in the form of NFTs. For example, the ownership of a house can be minted into NFTS, and anyone who buys this NFTs has the ownership of the house. The statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What are some of the Hyperledger tools?

  • Fabric
  • Sawtooth
  • Composer, Explorer

If you are an artist, musician or content creator, you can mint your works into NFT; after it is listed on the NFT trading market, you can sell it at a fixed price or in auction form to earn the income. The statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What is Bitcoin’s current market share (Bitcoin market cap in relation to total market cap of all cryptocurrencies)?

  • 40%-50%
  • 50%-60%

The application of blockchain will help to destroy the data monopoly of technology giants such as Facebook and Google. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Which of the following is a characteristic of blockchain technology?

  • The data is open and transparent
  • The data can be hidden at will

What is cryptocurrency mining?

  • A purchase or sale of cryptocurrency
  • Creating a new block for the blockchain
  • Digging for gold

The forthcoming Metaverse will likely rely heavily on smart glasses.. Soon, workers and consumers will experience the internet as digital avatars, teleporting throughout endless 3D environments.

  • TRUE

What was the global cryptocurrency transaction value by the end of 2021?

  • 1,580 Billion
  • 1,580 million

What are the TOP 5 coins


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Defi transaction data is recorded on the blockchain and widely distributed in thousands of nodes. Compared with the traditional financial networks based on one or more servers, Defi is more resistant to the network attacks. The statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Select the statement with the INCORRECT ending to the sentence “Forks are mechanisms that ()

  • Implement planned improvements
  • Build credibility
  • Reduce the robustness of the blockchain framework

When did online communities start?

  • 1980s
  • 2000s
  • 1990s

A blockchain is secured by

  • PIN code
  • password
  • hash’ code

In 2021, Authors` royalties from virtual collections (NFTs) was more than:

  • $4 billion
  • $4 million

When was Bitcoin invented?

  • 11 years ago
  • 13 years ago
  • 12 years ago
  • 14 years ago

Which of the following descriptions about custodial wallets is correct?

  • The user keeps the private key by himself, and needs to keep the private key and mnemonic
  • The platform keeps the private key on behalf of the user

Where can users buy NFTs?

  • NFT trading market
  • Shopping websites
  • Shopping malls
  • Supermarkets

What are the core features of NFT assets such as avatars, skins, and equipment in GameFi?

  • Non-fungible; these NFT assets are unique and cannot be copied
  • Openness; everyone can easily obtain these NFT assets
  • Expensive; these NFT assets are very expensive
  • Value preservation; these NFT assets are not depreciated

Which is the main reason for the popularity of NFT collection in the followings?

  • Uniqueness, scarcity the possible appreciation of NFT
  • NFTs can be maintained at an appropriate value
  • NFTs are very cheap
  • NFTs are easy to obtain

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Is cryptocurrency good for the environment?

  • It’s too soon to know
  • No, some cryptocurrencies use a lot of electricity to work
  • Yes

Cryptocurrencies are based on a decentralised digital system called?

  • The webchain
  • The stockchain
  • The blockchain
  • The netchain

DEX is the abbreviation of Decentralized Exchange, with the characteristics as following:

  • All assets are entrusted to the trading platform for management
  • All assets are managed by users themselves

What does the asymmetric key cryptography introduce?

  • Human signatures
  • Digital signatures
  • Computer signatures

Solidity runs on () ?

  • Ethereum Virtual machine
  • Peer networks
  • None of the above
  • Mining

Keccak 256 is a commonly used algorithm for hash generation in Ethereum blockchain. True or False?

  • TRUE

Which is incorrect in the following statements about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)?

  • It is a way for blockchain projects to raise the funds
  • The project team can raise the funds directly from users, and in return, the users can get the initial tokens
  • The raising of funds and the issuance of tokens are all handled by the project team
  • It is a cryptocurrency scam

An attacker tries to corrupt the transaction history of a blockchain to be able to spend a token or a cryptocurrency twice. What is the most likely thing this attacker did?

  • The attacker gained control of more than 51% of the network’s computing power.
  • The attacker edited the smart contract and recovered investor’s cryptocurrency.
  • The attacker hard-forked the network and created a new blockchain network.
  • The attacker changed the transaction on his node and propagated it in the network.

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Which country recently choose Bitcoin as their national currency?

  • El Salvador
  • Puerto Rico
  • Venezuela
  • Mexico

Which is the most expensive NFT?

  • Bored ape
  • The Merge

What is FOMO?


Which is one of the top Crypto Exchanges Ranked by Trust Score ?

  • FTX
  • Coinbase
  • Binance

What can do with the token?

  • The token can be traded to earn the income
  • The token can be staked (steak) to earn the interest
  • The token can be lent to others to earn the interest
  • All of the above

What was FIRST known bitcoin purchase, finally giving it a value?

  • Tacos
  • Pizza
  • Airfare

Usually, the KYC certification is required when registering an account in a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. What is KYC certification?

  • The KYC certification is real-name certification, which is an operation that must be performed when the banks and other financial institutions provide the services to users
  • The KYC certification is to associate the social media accounts

What is a Decentralized Exchange?

  • Decentralized exchanges are regulated, need licenses to operate, and are compliant with the regulatory authorities.
  • This is a peer-to-peer marketplaces where cryptocurrency traders make transactions directly without handing over management of their funds to an intermediary or custodian
  • Centralized exchanges are unregulated, don’t need licenses to operate, and are non-compliant with the regulatory authorities.
  • This is where you store your secret pass phrase

The technology giant Facebook officially changed its name to META, mainly because

  • Announced full entry into Web3 and blockchain industry
  • Because it is easy to remember

Cryptocurrencies are already widely used in many countries. Which of the following countries is currently the most popular?

  • Nigeria
  • China

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How do state channels solve the scalability issue?

  • Transactions operate independently of the main chain with no synchronization.
  • Transaction operate at a much higher speed and synchronize periodically with the chain.
  • Transaction operate at a much higher speed since they synchronize continuously the main chain.

Which of these US states introduced the BitLicense regulation for cryptocurrency companies?

  • California
  • New York
  • Texas

Which is correct in the following statements about the cryptocurrency?

  • The cryptocurrency is counterfeited easily
  • The cryptocurrency is counterfeited impossibly

I deposit IDR 10,000 in my e-banking account. Are these IDR 10,000 the cryptocurrency?

  • Yes
  • No, the IDR is not a kind of cryptocurrency

What is a mnemonic?

  • is a set of words generated by the cryptocurrency wallet during the initial configuration, which is equivalent to the prompt of the password
  • is a lot of interest options

Proof of work is the () used by Bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum Byzantium Metropolis blockchain.

  • Trust function
  • Consensus Protocol
  • Incentive function

What is WAGMI?


What is “mining” in the context of blockchain?

  • The process of adding a new “block” of transactions to the blockchain file
  • The process of gathering new transactions from the network

Which are three specific types of blogs that support learning in an English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom?

  • Tutor blog, Learner blog,Class blog.
  • Tutorial blog, Learner blog, Classroom blog.

In May 2021, American artist Beeple’s virtual collection (NFT) was sold at Christie’s auction, which was one of three most expensive works in the world at auction, and its price was:

  • $70,000,000
  • $70,000

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When did El Salvador declare the Bitcoin as a kind of legal currency?

  • 2021.0
  • 2001.0

The public key is used to generate a public address on the blockchain, which records a specific “Location” on the blockchain for sending and receiving the cryptocurrencies. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

The initial price of the cryptocurrency SHIB is $0.000000001, and its ratio of increase in 2021 was more than:

  • 400000.0
  • 4.0

Can the mnemonic be told to others?

  • No, if you lose or leak the mnemonic, the assets in the wallet may be lost
  • Yes

Which is an altcoin in the following?

  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin

Which is the Oldest Coin?

  • ETH
  • XRP

Which has nothing to do with the birth of the blockchain in the following terms?

  • Defi
  • NFTS
  • Metaverse
  • Social media

What NFTs can represent?

  • Artwork
  • Monkey

Except for programmers, ordinary people cannot acquire the cryptocurrencies. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

What are the 3 main roles in the Augur prediction process?

  • Marketplace initiator, proposer, learner.
  • Marketplace, initiator, proposer, reporter.
  • Marketplace creator, trader, reporter.

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Digital signing of a transaction/document involves, hashing the content of the document and then encrypting with ()()() key.

  • Private
  • Public

Both custodial and non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets have well-established mobile applications. the description

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

The cryptocurrency wallet is used to store the public addresses and private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

Which cryptocurrency had the largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in history and raised a whopping $4.1bn in 2018?

  • EOS
  • Bitfinex
  • Filecoin
  • Dragon Coin

Why is an cryptocurrency wallet needed?

  • Only after knowing the public address of your friend’s cryptocurrency wallet, you can give him your cryptocurrencies
  • Some money can be deposited in cryptocurrency wallet

What is a node?

  • A type of cryptocurrency
  • A computer on a Blockchain network
  • A Blockchain

Which is correct in the following statements about the cryptocurrency?

  • The cryptocurrency exists in the form of paper money
  • The cryptocurrency does not exist in any physical form

What is Proof of Work?

  • PoW is an algorithm by which a new block is added to the blockchain, transactions are confirmed, and a single version of the ledger is verified in all its copies stored by separate nodes.
  • PoW is a proof-of-importance consensus algorithm that is responsible for network security through reaching agreement between nodes.

What is mining and which is incorrect in the following statements?

  • The mining is the process of generating bitcoins
  • The mining is the process of confirming and recording transactions on the blockchain
  • The blockchain is a ledger, and the mining is the accounting process
  • The mining is an operation in underground mines

In centralized financial systems – such as the U.S. Federal Reserve system – government and banks control the supply of currency. They essentially “print” units of this currency, which is called fiat. This can be inflationary.

  • TRUE

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Is Ethereum a Blockchain?

  • TRUE

The main concept of Proof Of Stake is ().

  • Full nodes with least coins at stake get to create the next block.
  • Full nodes with most coins at stake get to delete a block
  • Full nodes with most coins at stake get to create the next block.

If the SRP (prompt word) of the wallet is known by others, it may lead to:

  • The assets in the wallet may be stolen by others at any time
  • It doesn’t matter

The cryptocurrency wallet can provide a tool to interact with the blockchain. This statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

When was the concept of blockchain first proposed?

  • 2018.0
  • 2008.0
  • 1998.0
  • 1988.0

What is a miner?

  • A type of blockchain
  • An algorithm that predicts the next part of the chain
  • A person doing calculations to verify a transaction
  • Computers that validate and process blockchain transactions

How many Satoshis make up one Bitcoin?

  • 100 million
  • 1 million
  • 10 million
  • 1 billion

What is a Coinbase or Generation Transaction?

  • The reward miners get for solving a block
  • The average time for each Bitcoin transaction to be sent
  • The largest transaction in a block

In February 2022, Ukraine announced the legalization of Bitcoin. As of March 8, the Ukrainian government has received 55 million us dollars worth of cryptocurrency donations. Which feature of cryptocurrency does this reflect?

  • The anonymous cross- border remittances are easy for the cryptocurrencies, and the transactions cannot be blocked by the central authorities
  • The cryptocurrency has a stable price

To join the DAO, you can first search for the official accounts of various types of DAOS on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, to identify the linkages and guides. Some DAOS can be joined freely, while some DAOS need to buy a token for join. The statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

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Which has the highest degree of decentralization among all blockchain types?

  • Public blockchain
  • Private blockchain
  • Consortium blockchain
  • All blockchain types has the same degree of decentralization

In the Web3.0 world, the word “GMI” is often seen. What does this word mean?

  • Gonna make It
  • Global Music Industry

How is cryptocurrency anti-counterfeited?

  • Relying on cryptography and blockchain technologies
  • Relying on legal norms

A token is a proof of ownership recorded on the blockchain to prove someone’s ownership of an asset. The statement is:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

If a participant node tampers with a block, it results in ().

  • hash changing
  • transaction hash tree

What is the Genesis Block?

  • The first block in the Blockchain
  • The first block after each block halving
  • A famous block that hardcoded a hash of the book of Genesis into the Blockchain
  • The first transaction in each block

How to own a cryptocurrency wallet?

  • Download the app or install the plug-in
  • Cannot be obtained

Which is correct in the following statements about the cryptocurrency?

  • The cryptocurrency is issued and controlled by banks
  • The cryptocurrency is not controlled by banks

Blockchain transactions are digitally signed by which of these?

  • Receiver’s public key
  • Sender’s private key
  • Receiver’s private key

How are we being immersed into the metaverse?

  • marginalized
  • blending
  • isolated

The main advantage of a decentralized exchange is..

  • Users own their private keys
  • Large range of low cap alt coins
  • All of the above

Who can contribute to the Bitcoin Protocol?

  • Satoshi Nakomoto
  • Gavin Andresen
  • Anyone can contribute

What are the properties of a Hash Function? Select more than one answer.

  • SHA-256
  • Fixed Length
  • non Unique

How is security enforced in the Grid+ system?

  • Single cryptographic signature
  • Multiple signatures are used to control the smart agent operation.
  • Certificate authority

What is the main goal of the Hyperledger project?

  • Help accelerate development on IBM’s blockchain
  • Common functional modules and reuse of command building block.
  • Provide blockchain as a service.

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