How to Buy Expensive NFTs Cheap

Many NFTs are expensive and seem out of reach to the crypto newbies and average buyers. It’s either you can afford it or you can’t. There’s no middle ground.

So, there’s this NFT you’ve been dying to get, but it costs 1.3 ETH, and you have nowhere near that amount to pay for it once or in the near future.

And you keep wondering, “Is it possible to get such an NFT at a low price? How can I get this NFT at a fraction of its price?

In this post, I’ll show you how to get NFTs cheap—for a much lesser price than they originally cost. 

Use eesee to Get Expensive NFTs at Low Prices

On eesee, you can get expensive NFTs for ridiculously cheap prices without detriment to the sellers. 

This NFT trading platform redefines the NFT market. Sellers trade the NFTs for crypto at full price, while buyers get them for only a fraction of the price.

For example, you can get your dream NFT worth 1.3 ETH for only 0.1 ETH, while the seller still gets the full value for their digital asset.

How Does This Work?

NFT sellers on the platform set three variables for their assets:

  1. Total price: The exact price they want for it
  2. Number of tickets: How many people can try to buy it
  3. Amount per ticket: How much each person needs to pay to try

In the case of your dream NFT, the seller’s total price will be 1.3 ETH. The seller may set the number of tickets to 13. This means that only thirteen people may try to buy it, and the amount per ticket will be 0.1 ETH.

Once fifteen people have paid 0.1 ETH as a ticket to try, eesee’s impartial system does its magic to decide who gets the NFT, and you may be LUCKY. 

If you’re lucky, you get the NFT for only 0.1 ETH, the seller gets their full payment from the ticket sales, and the other 12 participants get rewards. You didn’t think the other 12 would be left with nothing, did you?

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Sign Up Today and Buy NFTs the eesee Way

eesee makes NFTs several times cheaper than traditional NFT marketplaces. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get your dream NFTs, no matter how expensive they may be.

With their ticketed sales, they’ve broken the entry barrier for you as an NFT collector. So, you don’t need to bother about making huge investments to build a massive NFT portfolio.

Also, you earn rewards for buying tickets and engaging with the platform. And you can use these rewards for future purchases or convert them to cash.

Join eesee today and enjoy a memorable NFT collector experience.

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Bonus: There’s $5,000 worth of USDT in rewards + 1,500 whitelists for the early community. Join the eesee Zealy community to complete quests, earn rewards and secure a whitelist spot.