Crypto Bunkie, Your Crypto Companion


I’m Crypto Bunkie, your crypto companion.

Before you learn what Crypto Bunkie is all about, let me tell you about my crypto journey.

It all started on January 09 2018, when I bought my first crypto, Electroneum (ETN).

It was an unforgettable moment as the crypto hype came to Nigeria, and I didn’t want to be left out. My FOMO was high.

I bought 450 ETN worth ~$102, then. I remember walking to a United Bank of Africa (UBA) branch and depositing the naira equivalent (₦33,000) in the seller’s bank account that fateful afternoon, excited about owning crypto for the first time.

It was my first lunge into crypto, and my first mistake, as ETN dumped so badly immediately after I bought and never recovered. The OGs dumped on me, the newbie. It’s funny whenever I think about it.

I still hold all 450 ETN worth ~$0.91 as of August 16, 2023.

After realising I had leapt without looking, I resolved to understand the rudiments of crypto before taking another step. So, I read as many articles as possible on Binance Academy to learn the basics and language of crypto. This way, I’d understand what crypto enthusiasts were saying when they discussed crypto.

Since then, I’ve traversed the length and breadth of the crypto world. And now, I have a sound knowledge of the industry, what it offers, and how to find my way around.

I’ve signed up for more crypto projects than I can remember, some going to dust and others turning out worthwhile investments. One of my good investments was in the Remitano project. I’m still receiving unlocked $RENEC every weekend.

I’ve bought presales, traded with sniper bots, farmed tokens on launchpools, staked tokens for rewards, been a degen trader, tracked wallets, added liquidity to liquidity pools, swapped tokens, bridged tokens across blockchains, been a victim of crypto scams and rugpulls, traded spot and futures, used numerous DEXs and CEXs, mined tokens with my mobile phone, and many more.

I love to teach and break down complex topics/terms using simple analogies and examples so people can understand them with clear context. I love teaching people what I know in the simplest ways possible. And I’m bringing this passion to crypto. So, I’m building Crypto Bunkie to educate newbies and help them adopt it one day at a time.

One such way to adopt crypto is via airdrop hunting. It’s fun and daunting at the same time. Some projects may never see the light of day, and you may miss out on airdrop rewards even after participating in the engagement tasks.

But it’s a hands-on learning approach for crypto newbies who may need practical experience without wanting to risk much.

Now that you’ve known a bit about Crypto Bunkie, welcome aboard, and let’s have fun along the way.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Cheers! 🥳🎉🎊🎈

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