How to Join the SynFutures Testnet: The Ultimate SynFutures Testnet Guide

SynFutures has launched its testnet for users to test its futures DEX. And if you’ve been having a hard time seizing this opportunity, today is your lucky day.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll discover everything you need to join the SynFutures testnet and set yourself up for future rewards. Watch my video guide if you prefer a hands-on tutorial.

You’ll need Goerli ETH and Blast Sepolia ETH to pay for gas on this testnet. So let’s get started.

SynFutures Testnet Guide: EVERYTHING You Need for the SynFutures Testnet

Step 1: Claim Goerli ETH

Claim Goerli ETH from any of these faucets:

Use this invite code to join the eesee testnet: ESE-0MRQ-D2R7

Watch my eesee Testnet airdrop guide.

Step 2: Claim Blast Sepolia ETH

Claim Blast Sepolia ETH from QuickNode.

Your wallet needs to hold at least 0.001 ETH on Ethereum before you can use the QuickNode faucet. 

If you don’t meet this requirement, you can still get Blast Sepolia ETH by:

  • Claiming Sepolia ETH from Sepolia PoW Faucet or Infura faucet and sending the Sepolia ETH to this address: 0xc644cc19d2A9388b71dd1dEde07cFFC73237Dca8
  • Bridging Sepolia ETH to Blast Sepolia ETH on Interport

Add Blast Sepolia Testnet to your MetaMask

Now that you’ve gotten your Goerli ETH and Blast Sepolia ETH, you’re ready for the testnet.

Join the StarryNift Airdrop

Step 3: Start the SynFutures Testnet

Check out this Discord post to see other tasks you can do. 

So, that’s it about the SynFutures testnet. Login to the SynFutures testnet dApp regularly to complete the testnet tasks and position yourself for a future airdrop.

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