Alpha Network Mining: Earn and Withdraw Alpha Coins in the Alpha Network Airdrop

Finally, an airdrop you can withdraw at any time!

Alpha Network is distributing 500M Alpha tokens to its early users in their crypto mining program. And you can claim your share of these Alpha Network coins right now if you’re on Android or iOS.

As of October 27, 2023:

  • Over 403 million Alphas have been mined on the Alpha Network, with only 96 million left to mine
  • 1 Alpha is trading at $0.01 on Alpha Exchange

This is your chance to accumulate as many Alpha coins as possible before the last Alpha is mined. Many people faded this airdrop initially, but now everyone is rushing to claim the remaining Alphas.

Today, I’ll show you how to join the Alpha Network airdrop and claim free crypto without investment. You’ll also discover how to boost your earnings and how to sell these Alpha coins for USDT.

As a bonus, I’ll show you another hot airdrop to complement your Alpha mining.

Let’s go 🚀

How to Mine and Withdraw Alpha Network Coins

How to Join the Alpha Network Airdrop

  1. Download the Alpha Network mining app
  2. Sign up using your email address, Facebook account, or Google account 
  3. Claim your welcome bonus with this Alpha Network referral code: Cryptobunkie
  4. Tap the golden Alpha button to claim your free Alpha Network coins

Each mining session lasts 24 hours. So, check in every 24 hours to keep claiming your free crypto on the app. Don’t forget to complete your KYC. It’s very easy, and you can do it in less than five minutes.

Boost Your Mining Rate With Lootboxes and Referrals

You can earn more Alpha coins by opening lootboxes and inviting active members to the Alpha Network.

Every 30 minutes, you get a lootbox that can boost your mining rate or earn you extra Alpha coins. If you like, you can multiply your lootbox rewards by watching short ads after claiming these rewards. The lootbox is on your home tab in the Alpha Network mining app. Watch this video for more directions on claiming lootboxes.

The more active members you invite to the Alpha Network, the higher your mining rate. So, grow your mining team and boost your earnings.

Is Alpha Network Mining Legit?

Yes, you’ll earn valuable Alpha coins on the Alpha Network mining app. You can trade Alpha coins on Alpha Exchange.

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Alpha Network also has a Play to Earn program where you can earn free crypto by playing Android games. The more you play, the more you earn.

How to Withdraw Your Alpha Network Coins

You can trade your Alpha Network coins for USDT on the Alpha Exchange. Follow these steps to sell your Alpha Network coins:

Step 1: Switch to your profile tab on your Alpha mining app and tap the Keys Manager button. 

Step 2: Tap Generate Key to generate an authentication key for your Alpha Exchange account.

Step 3: Copy your key by tapping the plus icon beside the generated key.

Step 4: Open Alpha Exchange. You can also visit the exchange directly from the app via the home tab.

Step 5: Click the Sign-In Now button, paste your authentication key in the textbox provided, and click Sign In.

Step 6: Click the Sell tab, enter the amount of Alpha coins you want to sell, and click Sell. Once your sell order is filled, you’ll see your available USDT balance beside your Alpha coin balance. It’s the USDT balance you can withdraw.

Step 7: Click the Withdraw button, and specify the amount of USDT you want to withdraw and your USDT wallet address. Then click Withdraw.

Voila! The USDT equivalent of your Alpha Network coins will be chilling in your wallet. Watch this Alpha Network withdrawal guide for more directions on withdrawing your Alpha coins.

The Alpha Network wallet will be out soon, and you can transfer your Alpha coins to this non-custodial wallet if you prefer to keep them off the exchange. 

SIGM Is Launching on Alpha Exchange, and You Can Mine It Now

Sigma (SIGM) is the first token to be listed on Alpha Exchange—launch date to be announced. So, join Sigma Network now to mine $SIGM daily before token launch.

To get 5 SIGM as a headstart, use the invite code: cryptobunkie

Learn more about the Sigma Network airdrop

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