How to Join the CARV Protocol Airdrop and Earn SOUL Daily

CARV Protocol is ushering in a Data-to-Earn era with its SOUL Drop Campaign. Today, you’ll discover how to join the CARV Protocol airdrop and claim SOUL daily. If you prefer videos, watch my step-by-step guide.

First, you’ll need to mint your CARV ID. Then you’ll need to perform activities that boost your SOUL-earning capabilities. 

In the CARV Protocol airdrop, you’ll:

  1. Mint your CARV ID
  2. Bind your social accounts
  3. Register your .Play domain
  4. Claim your data rewards
  5. Claim SOUL daily

Let’s get started.

CARV Airdrop Tutorial: How to Join the CARV Protocol Airdrop and Claim Soul Daily

How to Mint Your CARV ID

  1. Log in to CARV Protocol
  2. Scroll down and click the Free CARV button
  3. Click the Top up BNB button
  4. Send ~$1.5 BNB on opBNB network to your auto-generated Smart Wallet address
  5. Click the MINT button 

Minting your CARV ID costs ~0.0022209 BNB. To get BNB on opBNB, withdraw BNB from Binance and select the opBNB network.

How to Bind Your Social Accounts 

  1. Scroll to the Account Binding section 
  2. Click the SOUL Bind button on each account

You need a CARV ID to bind accounts. The more accounts you bind, the more SOUL you can CARV daily.

How to Claim Data Rewards 

  1. Scroll to the Data Reward section
  2. Click any available rewards to claim

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How to Register Your .Play Domain  

  1. Click the .Play Name Service menu option
  2. Enter your desired domain name in the textbox
  3. Click the MINT button

You’ll need ~$5 BNB to mint a .Play domain name. The shorter the name, the higher the mint fee and the more SOUL you can CARV daily. To get a free mint, choose a name at least 15 characters long. 

How to Claim SOUL 

  1. Scroll to the Transaction History section just above the Account Binding section
  2. Click the CARV button to claim SOUL on your preferred networks: Ronin (gasless), opBNB, Linea or zkSync

And that’s it.

Check in daily to CARV more SOUL and boost your airdrop rewards. Invite your friends to earn more SOUL. Sharing is caring.

SOUL will be converted to ARC tokens at the end of the campaign. So, accumulate as much as you can while the campaign lasts.

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