Join the Smart Layer Airdrop to Earn Free $SLN

The Smart Layer Network is releasing 1% of its total token supply as an airdrop. $SLN will go live in late 2023 via an exchange listing, so don’t sleep on this.

To be part of their airdrop campaign, you only need to complete a few simple quests and get your Smart Pass.

Join the Smart Layer Airdrop

How to Join the Smart Layer Network Airdrop 

The process is simple:

Step 1: Sign up through this link.

Step 2: Check your inbox for an email from Smart Layer. The email will look like that in the screenshot below:

Step 3: Open the email and click Activate your pass to join the Smart Layer Network.

Step 4: Confirm your email address.

Step 5: Generate your Smart Pass for your Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

If Google Wallet isn’t available in your country or region, download it from:

Step 6: Complete the other simple quests to earn more points.

  • Join their Discord: 150 points
  • Follow their Twitter: 100 points
  • Invite a friend: 25 points

Check the site regularly, as new quests may be added occasionally.

What is Smart Layer?

Smart Layer is a blockchain-based service network that acts as a missing layer between Web2 and Web3, enabling the creation and management of programmable smart tokens.

It’s like a special network that helps different systems and tokens work together effortlessly. It sits between regular websites and the blockchain. 

Learn more about Smart Layer

Smart Layer allows people to create and manage special kinds of tokens called Smart Tokens that can do more than just be money or collectables. These tokens can have mini dApps that can be used in many ways, making digital experiences more exciting.

What is Smart Pass?

The Smart Pass is an example of what Smart Tokens can do. It’s a special kind of token that works without needing a crypto wallet, like a bank account for digital money. Instead, it uses something called Attestation, which makes it work smoothly without any complicated steps. You can even store it in your Apple or Google Wallet, which you probably already have on your smartphone.

The Smart Pass is also private, meaning it doesn’t expose your personal information like other tokens. So businesses can use it without worrying about compromising their customers’ privacy. 

With the Smart Pass, you can complete different tasks called quests to earn points and unlock special experiences. It’s a dynamic pass because it can automatically receive messages and update your points and level.

There’s also an open loyalty program for certain events where Smart Pass holders can get discounts, pitch ideas to investors, and have early access to events. 

The Smart Pass is more than just a pass; it’s a way to show people how tokens can make things easier and more exciting in the future.

Mint Your SmartCat Tokens

Smart Pass holders have the exclusive opportunity to mint their SmartCat tokens on the Polygon Network. 

The Smart Cat is a TokenScript-powered creation inspired by the amazing Cool Cat #2426. It’s fully customisable, offering many options to make it uniquely yours. 

With hundreds of possibilities waiting to be unlocked, you decide how your cat looks and feels. Plus, these Smart Cats come with fantastic perks like exclusive quests, special Discord roles, and feature unlocks based on their rarity!

Watch this video to learn how to mint your Smart Cat NFT and earn 500 points.

You can trade or hodl your Smart cat NFT after minting, but bear in mind that:

  • You can only mint the Smart Cat NFT once per Smart Pass
  • Smart Cats may unlock Smart Rewards in the future

There’s a daily limit on the number of Smart Cat NFTs that can be minted to ensure a fair distribution. If this daily limit is reached before you can mint your Smart Cat, come back the next day and try to mint again 🐱🪙

Stay Up to Date on the Smart Layer Network Rewards Program

Join my Telegram channel for more updates on the Smart Layer airdrop. Feel free to ask questions in the Telegram chat whenever you’re stuck or need help, and I’ll be happy to help.

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Follow the Smart Layer team on social media and participate in their online community to get the latest news and info about the project.