DBMETA Mining App: Get Free $18 Worth of $DBM When You Sign Up

TLDR: Click this link to download and install the DBMETA mining app. Use 357277 as your invitation code to claim 30,000 $DBM worth $18 and increase your hash rate.

DBMETA is a metaverse project that combines the real economy with the virtual economy, enabling traditional industries to use their native token, $DBM. 

Their vision is to create a metaverse society for all to have fair digital access and assets through the $DBM economy. Read their whitepaper here.

In this post, you’ll discover how to mine $DBM with their DBMETA mining app and how to get 30,000 $DBM worth $18 as a headstart.

Download the DBMETA mining app on Google Play Store and start accumulating $DBM now! Use 357277 as your invitation code to claim 30,000 $DBM worth $18 and increase your mining rate.

How to Mine $DBM

Just like most mining apps, it’s very easy to mine $DBM. All you need is to install the DBMETA app and check in daily. Follow these three simple steps to mine $DBM.

  1. Download the DBMETA mining app. It’s only available on Android.
  2. Open the app and sign up. Use 357277 as your invitation code.
  3. Come back every twenty-four hours and click the spade icon to mine.

Note: If you don’t sign up with the invitation code, you won’t get the 30,000 $DBM worth $18.

Join the DBMETA Ecosystem While It’s Still Early

DBMETA is building its ecosystem that features

  • Mining
  • E-commerce
  • Gaming
  • Advertising platform
  • Short video platform

This ecosystem will also incorporate NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, and SocialFi.

They plan to build a digital wallet and exchange platform/interface when the DBMETA ecosystem is stable and secured by a certain user base.

Their spare your time to earn model comprises

  • Mine to earn
  • Shop to earn
  • Play to earn
  • Click to earn
  • Watch to earn

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There is so much in store waiting to be unleashed by DMETA. So, join the ecosystem now while it’s still early. To get more DBMETA updates

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