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Reiki Web3Go Quiz Answers – Reiki Web3Go Airdrop

Yuliverse Fundamentals Quiz

Where to get governance tokens of Yuliverse $ART?

  • Purification of Terra with Yuli common or above NFT (LV50)
  • Purification of Terra with Yuli prototype
  • Marketplace

Where can you see the amount of stardust you have accumulated?


Which of the following is a misrepresentation?

  • The Yuliverse economy consists of two types of tokens: Governance tokens ($ART) and Game tokens (ARG)
  • Yuliverse must have NFT to play
  • Yuliverse app adopts LBS technology

What can I get from playing in Yuliverse?

  • NFT from partners project
  • ARG & ART
  • All of the above

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Which is the Yuliverse white-paper link?


Lifeform Fundamentals Quiz

In which region Lifeform Cartoon Editor ranked first on App Store in terms of downloads after its initial launch?

  • Japan
  • the U.S.
  • Korea
  • Singapore

What are the benefits that Life Avatar Poap holders have enjoyed?

  • Airdrop from Lifeform ecosystem projects
  • Lifeform Avatar Freemint
  • Lifeform token airdrop in the future
  • All of the above

Till now, the amount of Lifeform Cartoon Avatar is more than__?

  • 1000000
  • 2000000
  • 500000
  • 3000000

Lifeform SDK is a technology for creating and integrating Avatars, enabling developers to simply and easily integrate Avatar models into _______, helping developers to enhance user experience and interaction and driving visual DIDs as login credentials for all Web3 applications.

  • GameFi
  • dAPP
  • Metaverse
  • All of the above

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Which ID solution does Lifeform SDK provide?

  • Iris ID
  • Fingerprint ID
  • Visual DID
  • None of the above

Manta Network Fundamentals Quiz

How does Manta Pacific achieve Layer2 execution in a modular way?

  • By using OP Stack, which is almost fully compatible with EVM and Solidity. It utilizes Celestia as the data availability layer, significantly reducing Gas costs, and includes a general ZK circuit. This allows direct calling of SDK or API to implement ZK functionality within the EVM environment.
  • Manta Pacific is a ZK Rollup, which considers both ZK efficiency and EVM compatibility.
  • Manta Pacific is an Optimistic Rollup and cannot support the implementation of ZK functionality.
  • Manta Pacific is zkVM, which enables ZK functionality but is not compatible with EVM and Solidity.

Manta Network’s privacy-preservation feature can be applied for use in?

  • DeFi
  • NFT
  • GameFi
  • All of the above

What does Manta’s Universal Circuits do?

  • Manta’s universal Circuit can achieve significant low gas fee and fast transaction speed.
  • Manta’s Universal Circuits are just like other Circuits, nothing speical.
  • Manta’s Universal Circuits offer ZK-as-a-Service, allowing any Solidity developer to call Manta Pacific contracts through APIs to enable ZK features.
  • Manta’s Universal Circuits offer ZK-as-a-Service, allowing any Rust developer to call Manta Pacific contracts through APIs to enable ZK features.

Which one of the following description is NOT correct?

  • Manta Atlantic is a lightning-fast ZK substrate framework layer 1 solution offering compliant on-chain privacy solutions
  • Manta Atlantic is the canary network of Manta Pacific
  • Manta Pacific is the world’s first EVM-native modular execution layer for wide ZK applications adoption.
  • Manta Pacific will reap the benefits of modular DA, and deliver a multichain experience for developers and users.

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Which one of the following is NOT Manta Network’s backer?

  • Binance Labs
  • Polychain Capital
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Qiming VC

SecondLive Fundamentals Quiz

Where to get platform governance tokens on SecondLive’s official website $BEAN?

  • Earn-bounty
  • Event
  • Marketplace

Where to apply for a creator?


Which of the following is a misrepresentation?

  • SecondLive economic system consists of two kinds of tokens: governance token LIVE and incentive token Bean.
  • SecondLive doesn’t support NFT transactions for creators
  • SecondLive is a platform for building AI-enhanced tools and infrastructure

What creator can do in SecondLive?

  • Earn by creating costumes, Spaces, dance shows
  • Nothing

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Which is the SecondLive docs link?


Map Protocol Fundamentals Quiz

MAP Protocol is the omnichain layer in Web3 built upon ________ and ________ technology, 100% _________, with zero ________.

  • light client, ZK, Nakamoto Style, privileged roles
  • MPC, ZK, Nakamoto Style, oracles
  • light client, ZK, Vitalik Style, relayers
  • MPC, ZK, Satoshi Style, oracles

Who can join MAP DAO?

  • KOLs
  • Exisiting DAOs
  • Anyone who wish to contribute and build together
  • All of the above

Compared with other alternative cross-chain solutions, how does MAP Protocol stand out?

  • Decentralized security (Light-Client & zk)
  • Centralized security(MPC/Multi-Party Computing)

How many layers are structured in the design of the MAP Protocol?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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What is use case of MAP Protocol’s native token?

  • Gas Metering
  • Protocol Security
  • On-chain Governance
  • All of the above

Litentry Fundamentals Quiz

What is the difference of Litentry and other DID projects?

  • It generates digital identity data aggregated from different blockchains for user
  • It’s fully enabled by privacy computation, user can prove their identity without exposing who they are
  • It’s easy to use, by connecting user addresses, all the user on-chain data can be seen and shared
  • No difference

What is Litentry IdentityHub?

  • It’s a centralized DID platform
  • It’s a user client of the Litentry Blockchain, it matches users with benefits from different projects based on identity

What is a privatized verifiable credential?

  • It’s a decentralized verifiable credential which has assertion that is proven by various user-owned accounts while it keeps all the account IDs shielded
  • It’s a credential that is encrypted by user’s private key

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How is “Verifiable Credential” vs “NFT” for storing identity data?

  • The identity data stored in an NFT is private and the ownership is non-transferable, while in a Verifiable Credential it is public and transferable
  • The identity data stored in an NFT is public and the ownership is transferable, while in a Verifiable Credential is NOT public and non-transferable

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