Countdown to Blast Off: Join the SupraOracles Airdrop for a Chance to Win Big!

After years of working tirelessly in stealth mode, SupraOracles is finally ready to unveil Supra and its game-changing solutions. And they’ve launched Countdown to Blast Off, an event where they’ll spill all the beans about their exciting innovations and offer you a chance to score big!

So, prepare for an exhilarating journey of discovery and rewards with Supra Missions.

You’ll get a 420 $SUPRA onboarding bonus if you’re among the first 500K users to join the Supra airdrop in the Countdown to Blast Off.

Also, you can earn more $SUPRA and other exciting rewards when you complete the weekly missions ⭐📦

Join Countdown to Blast Off to earn $SUPRA and much more 🚀

How to Join the Supra Airdrop

  1. Visit the SupraOrcles airdrop page
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Verify your email address
  4. Complete the KYC verification
  5. Start your weekly missions
How to Join the SupraOracles Airdrop to Unlock $SUPRA Rewards

What are Weekly Missions in Countdown to Blast Off?

The weekly missions are short lectures that you can complete in five minutes. Your task is to understand the lecture and answer a simple question at the end.

As SupraOracles reveals their upcoming blockchain solutions, they want you to be among the first to grasp its groundbreaking potential. That’s where Supra Missions come in, presenting you with weekly lectures that will deepen your understanding of their mission, the technology they’re building, and how it reshapes the future of blockchain.

Each mission will take you through a new and exciting topic, giving you exclusive insights into their innovations. But that’s not all; the real adventure begins at the end of the lecture when you answer a simple quiz question correctly.

By providing the correct answer to the Supra Mission quiz, you unlock a mission crate that holds the potential to reward you with incredible prizes—stars, $SUPRA, and more.

You’ll only earn mission crates for ongoing missions. For example, we’re at week 19 of the Supra Missions. So, you can only earn mission crates if you complete Supra Mission 19. You can still complete the previous weeks’ missions, but you won’t get mission crates for them.

So, always check out for the weekly missions when they arrive so you won’t miss out on Supra rewards.

You have only one shot at the quiz. If you choose the wrong answer, you’ll have to wait for the next mission to try again. But not to worry, if you ever face any difficulty answering a quiz or just want to be double-sure, check my SupraOracles mission answers guide for the correct answers.  

Get SupraOracles Mission Quiz Answers

What is SupraOracles?

Supra is a team of blockchain experts. If you don’t understand what a blockchain is, think of it like a special digital ledger – it keeps track of all kinds of digital stuff, just like a notebook.

Now, what’s their mission? They want to make blockchain even better. They want it to be faster, super safe, cost less, and easier for everyone to use. Imagine if your favourite video game loaded faster and didn’t crash – that’s what they aim for with blockchain.

They’ve devised some amazing ideas to make all this happen. One of the cool things they’re doing is ensuring different blockchains can talk to each other easily. It’s like different video game consoles sharing games – they’re making it super smooth.

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But the most mind-blowing part is that they can make things happen on the blockchain crazy fast, like in just 2–3 seconds. That’s quicker than it takes to tie your shoes!

With Supra, they’re also helping developers get the info they need from different places easily. It’s like having a magical bridge connecting them to all the information they want. This way, they can make extraordinary things on the blockchain without hassle.

Supra has been working super hard for more than five years. They’ve done a ton of research, run lots of tests, and made many remarkable discoveries. And guess what? They’re not hiding anymore! They’re ready to show everyone what they’ve been up to and make the blockchain world even better.

So, if you’re up for an exciting adventure, join the Countdown to Blast Off. It’s like a big party where they’ll share all their cool stuff and give away some awesome prizes. The future of blockchain will be amazing, and Supra wants you to be part of it. So, watch out for more updates because we’re making the blockchain world super awesome together! 🚀🌟

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