Sigma Network Mining: Earn Free Sigma Tokens in the Sigma Network Airdrop

Sigma Network is launching its native token, $SIGM, and is distributing it for free to early platform adopters through its Android crypto mining app.

Sigma (SIGM) is the first token to be listed on Alpha Exchange. You can mine $SIGM for free before it launches and set yourself up for future profit.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to mine this crypto token for free on your Android device. You’ll also discover how to boost your Sigma mining rate and earn bonus Sigma tokens.

Sigma Network Mining: How to Earn Free Sigma Tokens in the Sigma Network Airdrop

How to Join the Sigma Network Airdrop

To start mining Sigma tokens for free, download the Sigma Network mining app, sign up, and claim your 5 SIGM welcome bonus with this Sigma Network referral code: cryptobunkie. Tap the blue Sigma logo to activate your 24-hour mining session and claim your free crypto.

To earn extra Sigma tokens, scroll to the bottom of your Home tab and follow Sigma Network’s social media accounts.

Boost Your Mining Rate to Claim More Sigma Tokens

You can earn more Sigma tokens by activating mining kits, epic boosts and Sigma NFTs. You can also boost your mining rate by inviting active users and building your reputation rating. This video explains the five ways you can boost your SIGMA mining rate.

Activating Mining Kits

Every 20 minutes, you get a mining kit which gives you a mining boost or rewards you with bonus $SIGM. To activate the mining kit, you’ll need to watch a short ad. You’ll find your mining kit on your Home tab.

Using Epic Boosts

An epic boost doubles your mining rate for a mining session. You can only activate it at the start of a new mining session. To activate an epic boost, tap the Boost icon and watch the short ad.

So, remember to activate the epic boost when your next mining cycle begins.

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Inviting Active Members

The more active users you invite to the Sigma Network, the higher your mining rate. So, grow your mining team to skyrocket your Sigma earnings.

Activating Sigma NFTs

When you purchase a Sigma Network NFT on OpenSea, you get a one-time activation code linked to your NFT. This code unlocks a permanent multiplier that will boost your rewards at the end of each mining cycle.

To activate your Sigma Network NFT:

  • Tap NFT on your Home tab
  • Paste your NFT activation key in the NFT Activation textbox
  • Tap Activate

For every NFT you activate in the Sigma Network mining app, you’ll receive a +1 boost to your mining cycle multiplier. You can stack up to 10 NFTs to maximise your mining boost.

And that’s not all. When you redeem these NFTs, you’ll get a one-time bonus of up to 10,000 SIGM. It doesn’t matter how many NFTs you own; you still get the bonus!

So, when you’re on the hunt for Sigma Network NFTs, remember – it’s not just about collecting art; it’s about boosting your mining power and growing your Sigma tokens. Get ready to activate and multiply your Sigma rewards.

Increasing Your Reputation

Sigma Network uses a reputation module, a rating system that rewards miners for their long-term dedication, reliability, and active participation on the network.

Your reputation rating is a trust score mechanism that indicates your contribution to Sigma Network. The more valuable actions you take, like completing mining cycles, activating mining kits, inviting friends to join, pinging inactive team members, or activating NFTs, the higher your reputation rating.

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When you ping an inactive member, they get a notification from their Sigma mining app reminding them to mine Sigma.

To ping your inactive team members:

  • Tap Cluster on your Profile tab
  • Tap Notify inactive members 

You get 10% of your reputation rating as a bonus to your mining rate. For example, if your reputation is 50% and your mining rate is 20/h, you’ll get a mining bonus of 5/h. 

A higher reputation gives you early access to new features on Sigma Network.

Is Sigma Network Mining Legit?

Yes, you’ll earn Sigma tokens you can trade on Alpha Exchange at token launch.

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