How to Find Unclaimed Airdrops – 3 Super Tools You’d Wish You Knew Earlier

You may be sitting on thousands of dollars in unclaimed crypto airdrops without even knowing!

Let’s face it.

How many airdrops do you participate in weekly, monthly, yearly?

You’ve lost count of most airdrops you did, and that’s no fault of yours. It’s hard to keep track of airdrops since you participate in many of them, most of which take a long time to materialise. 

So, you may have missed out on claiming many airdrops that you are/were eligible for simply because you forgot about them or couldn’t remember what wallet you used for which.


With the tools I’ll share in this post, you will discover the airdrops you’re eligible to claim, so you don’t lose out after all your hard work participating in them.

1 – Earndrop 

Visit Earndrop’s website, paste your wallet address into the textbox, and hit the Check Airdrops button.

That’s all you need to do, really.

Once you do that, you’ll see any airdrops you’re yet to claim and those you’ve claimed for that wallet address.

If you sign up for a free plan, you can add up to two wallets to your watchlist. This way, you get email alerts anytime your wallets receive an airdrop.

With their premium plans, you can add up to 15 wallets to your watchlist.

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2 – Earnifi 

Just like with Earndrop, all you have to do is

  1. Visit Earnifi’s website
  2. Paste your wallet address in the textbox
  3. Hit the Tell me about new airdrops button

Then, you’ll see all the claimable airdrops for your wallet address.

Earnifi supports all blockchains with large airdrops. Check out their list of supported blockchains here.

Their free plan allows you to add up to two wallet addresses to your watchlist, while their premium plan allows you to add up to 10 addresses.

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3 – Airdrops.FYI

On Airdrops.FYI, paste your wallet address into the search bar and hit the search icon to see your unclaimed airdrops.

Once you identify your unclaimed airdrops, you’ll be redirected to the projects’ pages to claim your rewards.

To add your wallet to a watchlist, you’ll need to subscribe by providing your email address and wallet address.

Claim All Your Eligible Airdrops Today

Now that you’ve discovered these powerful tools, start using them now to find and claim all your eligible airdrops before it’s too late. 

With these tools, you have no excuse for not joining new airdrops since you’re less likely to miss out on any eligible rewards.

I’ll update this post whenever I discover more tools for tracking unclaimed airdrops. Till then, stay safe, and remember to have a separate wallet for your airdrop adventures.

Which of these tools is your favourite? Let’s know in the comments